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A New Standard for Digital Transmission
PassOn builds systemic infrastructure and industry-leading processes in order to bring inheritance into the digital age and to make it accessible to everyone in the simplest and most efficient way.


Don't ever lose your tokens
PassOn's primary objectives are to define new standards for digital estate planning in order to tackle the alarming lack of solutions when it comes to passing your token-based assets on to your beneficiaries.


Long-term Strategy
The blockchain revolution initiated the biggest technological migration in history. The ongoing tokenization process of non-bankable assets will open new opportunities for PassOn to centralize all your belongings in the PassOn wallet.

Non-Bankable Assets

For Individuals

PassOn brings digital inheritance into a regulated environment by creating a bridge between new and existing ecosystems.


Secured Assets

A PassOn policy prevents your assets from being lost. Your assets will be secured and transferred safely to the beneficiaries which you have named beforehand.
Protect your loved one’s future by activating a PassOn policy with a few simple clicks.


Managed Digital Wealth

PassOn unlocks the next stage of digitization for individuals, businesses and institutions by leveraging the latest technologies and bringing traditional assets on to the digital level.


Legal Framework

PassOn works closely with regulators, established market players and lawmakers capable of building a new regulatory-compliant standard.


Transmission of Assets

PassOn's technology allows for the direct, safe and immediate transfer of your bankable and non-bankable, traditional and digital assets to your beneficiaries.


"Exclusive: Nearly 4 Million Bitcoins Lost Forever, New Study Says"

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"That fortune will be lost if you don't add cryptocurrency assets to estate plan."

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"$500 Million in Ripple Lost as Billionaire Mathew Mellon Dies Suddenly"

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"What Happens to Cryptocurrency When You Die?"

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"Lost your bitcoin password? Call in the crypto-hunters"

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For Business


A New Standard

PassOn is the first company to develop infrastructure aimed at bringing inheritance into the digital age and at making it accessible to everyone in the simplest and most efficient way.


For Institutions

PassOn is an important part in the digitization of the life insurance and inheritance industries. For now, the process of transferring your assets remains a manually intensive, inefficient process, which is subject to fraud. It often results in experienced claim analysts being buried under administrative paperwork.


For Entrepreneurs

PassOn provides a stable, trustworthy, reliable and compliant infrastructure as well as a solid base to pursue a business strategy for digital-asset transmission.
PassOn allows entrepreneurs to leverage the advantages of the blockchain and smart contracts.


Legal Transactions Services

The PassOn infrastructure is designed to be fully secure and to optimize inheritance processes in order to reduce costs and transaction times.
In particular institutions like Notaries, Will & Estate Offices or an insurance company can benefit from this while having a fully secured transmission through the state-of-the art blockchain technology.


"World Economic Forum 2017 survey suggested that 10 percent of global GDP will be stored on blockchain by 2027. (McKinsey, Blockchain)"

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"60% to 80% of the $256 T global wealth is non-financial assets.
Source: Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, 2016"

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"Blockchain could revolutionize the art industry by resolving questions of provenance and improving transparency, copyright, and ownership issues."

Art & Finance Report 2017 (5th edition)

"73 percent of wealth managers, 74 percent of art professionals, and 64 percent of collectors said that the art market needed to modernize its business practices to meet the expected standards of a transparent, trustworthy, and developed marketplace."

Art & Finance Report 2017 (5th edition)


The PASS Coin is based on the Ethereum platform, a state-of-the-art decentralized platform running smart contracts. Ethereum is robust, secure, transparent and provides a strong framework that eliminates both risk and the involvement of third parties.

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The ERC20 standard provides smooth integration with existing systems and can be easily integrated with banks and insurers.

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The ERC20 standard allowing full compatibilty with Ethereum wallets and easy exchanges.

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The application runs exactly as programmed without any human interaction.

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Central servers cannot be switched off and data cannot be compromised.

Our Team

PassOn AG is a Swiss company based in Zug. Founded by world class experts in the field of investment banking, law, technology and innovation, the team differentiates itself by combining profound expertise from the following areas: financial markets, integration capabilities within startups, established market players and regulators.

  • Stephan Wippermann

    Stephan has spent the last decade working in the IT field of financial markets. With a BA in international management and a passion for innovation, he has dedicated his career to bridging the gaps between business needs and technological capabilities.
    After starting his career in Brussels working for Bank of New York Mellon and for ING, Stephan moved to Switzerland and played an instrumental role in the rapid growth of the Swiss FinTech company, Leonteq.
    Before taking the lead with PassOn, Stephan was responsible for the re-engineering program of the SNB (Swiss National Bank) open market operation infrastructure within the Swiss Exchange, SIX Group.

  • Mathieu Alpigiano

    Mathieu started as an engineer in the microelectronics industry at Altis Semiconductor, an IBM-Infineon joint venture, before spending the bulk of his career in energy trading at Engie, where he has held various positions in IT and risk management.
    As a technology and digital enthusiast, he has led various innovative initiatives such as the implementation of trading strategies based on machine learning.
    His ability to design and deliver simple and effective solutions stems from his varied experience, which ranges from software engineer to product manager, as well as from his extensive business expertise.
    He is an early investor in several blockchain projects, and co-founded PassOn with the aim of bringing inheritance processes into the digital age.
    Mathieu holds a Master’s degree in engineering from the Ecole Centrale Paris and another Master’s degree in capital markets from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in France.

  • Kevin Wippermann

    Kevin has more than 15 years of experience in strategic IT projects within the investment banking and commodity trading world. He started his career at the Bank of New York then went on to Dexia Asset Management and GDF Suez Trading, helping those companies with their digital transformations. Later, he took up the challenge of building the IT department for a multi-billion dollar green field development in the Gulf as the CIO / IT Director.
    With a passion for design, he launched, a startup that produces and sells products with innovative designs. The company was created using emerging collaborative solutions and innovative production tools from the manufacturing industry. The startup was crowdfunded and the required skilled labor was outsourced through Upwork. The products are printed using 3D printing technology, or CNC, and distribution is handled by Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), allowing for the small business to grow with a minimal amount of work.
    Always interested in emerging technologies, he quickly saw the potential of blockchain technology and started investing in ICOs in early 2016. Like many other investors in that space, he was confronted by the lack of protection or transfer options around this new asset class. He co-founded PassOn with his partners to close that gap.

  • Nicolas Leriche
    Product Manager

    Nicolas has over 15 years of experience working at the intersection where the worlds of finance and technology meet, delivering complex and strategic projects in international contexts.
    He is also a digital enthusiast with an entrepreneurial mindset and is passionate about participating in the development of new processes to deal with finance.

    He started his career as a consultant for Murex, a leading enterprise capital platform, providing professional consulting services to financial institutions throughout the full life cycle of product implementation in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.
    He also worked for several banks in France (Société Générale and BNP Paribas) before joining the trading entity of the French utility Engie where he managed several teams of business analysts and led the digital transformation of the company by launching disruptive blockchain initiatives.

  • Julien Bourdette

    Julien has worked for the past 13 years in trading activities in Paris. He started as a developer on a real-time trading system and in distributed risk computing, first as a consultant and then for the joint venture between Société Générale and Engie (GDF Suez). Passionate about new technologies, especially the Internet of Things (IoT), IA and blockchain, he spent the last few years leading innovation and business transformation projects at Engie.
    As a crypto holder and a father, he recognized the issues surrounding inheritance, so he co-founded PassOn to help develop a solution.

  • Vincent Rémon

    Vincent is our blockchain and cyber-security expert. He is an engineer and has been passionate about development, algorithms and encryption since childhood. In his 20 years of experience, he has managed Trading Commando development as well as support teams for Europe and Middle East dealing rooms. He has also managed arbitrage trade, processing applications for BNP Paribas CIB.
    He now focuses on disruptive innovations such as blockchain and artificial intelligence through an applied pragmatic vision.
    His extensive experience with capital markets and asset-management information systems has given him clear insights into the current gaps that need to be filled in terms of digital assets transmission.

Our Advisors

PassOn is associating itself with leading experts in different fields that are strategic to the ambitions of the company. These experts have extensive knowledge of the technology and laws that will apply to the service we are providing.

  • Valerio Roncone
    Head Product Management & Development Swiss Exchange, SIX

    Valerio joined SIX as Head Markets & Clients in 2013. In this capacity, he was in charge of all relationship management, product management and sales activities for the post-trade area. He currently serves as Head Product Management & Development in the new business unit Securities & Exchanges.
    Before working for SIX Valerio began his career with a brief stint at Bank Cantrade in 1988. A year later, he moved to Bank Julius Bär in Zurich where he stayed for the next 16 years. While at Julius Bär, he held a number of positions within the back-office area of the bank. This included being responsible for derivatives products, as well as corporate actions before taking on the responsibility of Head Securities.
    In 2007, Valerio joined EFG Financial Products as Managing Director and Head Operations. He drove the development and implementation of new products and services until 2013 when, as Head Operational Services, he left the organization to later join SIX.

  • Déborah Carlson-Burkart
    Wernli Biedermann Partner – Legal & Compliance Expert

    Déborah has extensive experience in the areas of corporate governance, legal risk management, and compliance. She advises domestic and foreign clients in connection with imminent or ongoing criminal and/or regulatory investigations.
    Before Déborah became an independent advisor, she headed the legal departments of various listed multinational companies in the finance, engineering and IT industries in the United States and in Switzerland for over 14 years.
    In this capacity and as member of the respective company's management, she, inter alia, coordinated and advised on various investigations lead by the corresponding financial market supervisory authority, the tax authority and the attorney general’s office (Switzerland, USA, UK, Brazil, Singapore, Italy, France, etc.).
    With her background of working for companies, which were under scrutiny or investigations (which lead to, inter alia, financial restatement, settlement with the SEC, guilty plea, summary punishment order, etc.), she has unique skills in successfully navigating companies and individuals through difficult times and effectively adapting their compliance.
    She is a board member of SICPA (security inks and secure traceability), Visana (health and accident insurance), Alstom Network (rail transport) and PVS (pension fund), and a foundation council of Karolina Blaberg Stiftung (Stradivari instruments),

  • Nilesh Jethwa
    CEO Marex Solutions – Financial Markets Expert

    Nilesh is the CEO of Marex Solutions, which he set up in 2017. They created the world's first structured product to be registered, transacted and settled using blockchain technology. Nilesh was previously at Leonteq, a Swiss-based FinTech company, which he helped launch and was ultimately IPO'd, running their Markets Division, managing Trading, Sales Structuring, Quantitative Analytics and Treasury. Prior to Leonteq, he spent eight years at Lehman Brothers, latterly as Head of Stock Exotics trading for Europe and Middle East. He is a Trustee of Noah's Ark Children's Hospice and was a Non-Executive Director of Ardent Media. Nilesh has an MA (hons) in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

  • Peter Walker
    Former Senior Partner McKinsey - Insurance Specialist

    Pete was a Senior Partner at McKinsey for more than 45 years, he has served a wide range of financial institutions in the U.S., Europe and Asia with a focus on China.

    He led McKinsey’s Global Insurance Practice for many years and served as head of the New York Office. He also was a member of McKinsey’s Shareholders Committee, the firm’s board of directors, for 15 years

  • Pascal Rellier
    CEO Ameliorem - Digital & Business Consulting Expert

    Pascal has set up two companies specializing in IT and system integration for the capital markets industry.
    One of the companies, TeamTrade, comprising of 400 engineers, was the European leader in its field before it joined Synechron Group.
    Pascal is currently a coach and investor in the domain of technological innovation for several startups related to Digital, Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain.
    He can provide Pass On with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the financial services industry, on an international scale.
    Pascal graduated from the High Business School of Marseille.

  • Fabian Hotz
    CEO Brand Leadership Circle - Branding, Communication & Marketing Expert

    In the Nineties already, Fabian forced a radical shift of thinking in his father's enterprise and pushed the reorientation of the printing company, transforming it into a group of enterprises for brand-oriented business development. In 2007 he became sole owner of the group, which he positioned at the interface of brand, management and technology, calling it Brand Leadership Circle in 2011. Being an entrepreneur, Fabian has got extensive experience and knowledge in building and transforming companies. Presently, he is founding several companies in the field of paper and writing culture. In addition he is still consulting clients regarding their strategy.

  • Sandro Müller
    Partner KBT Treuhand AG Zürich – Audit, Accounting and Finance Expert

    Sandro graduated in 2008 with a Master in Accounting and Finance at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and has now more than ten years of professional experience in auditing, accounting and fiduciary services. He is a licensed audit expert and active member of professional associations, such as EXPERTsuisse.
    Before joining KBT Group he has worked for several years for a Big Four company in Zurich and successfully completed his extra-occupational training to become a Swiss Certified Public Accountant. During this time he gained large experience in the area of auditing of national and international clients.
    As a KBT Partner he is responsible for national and international clients in the area of auditing, accounting and fiduciary services.

  • Lukas Wadsack
    Partner Wadsack Zug AG - Legal Expert

    Lukas is an attorney at law and notary with his own offices in Zug. Furthermore, he is a Swiss certified tax expert. He advises clients in the crypto and FinTech area for years and he could build strong knowledge and experience in this area. He is very well aware of the future challenges of the existing law and he helps clients to combine the old and traditional law structures and the new modern way of living.

    Lukas graduated at the University of St. Gallen with the major legal studies. He is an active member of the professional society and holds memberships in the Zug and Swiss bar association and is a member of the International Fiscal Association. Before joining Wadsack as a Partner, he worked for 2 of the major business law firms in Zurich and in Zug.

  • Deborah Simone Balmelli-Kappeler
    Survista Financial Advisors AG - Inheritance, Estate and Asset Planning Expert

    Deborah has worked for several law firms, the Centre of Foundation Law in Zurich, and as legal advisor for a family business in Switzerland. She also worked for a consulting company in China.
    Deborah is currently working for an independent financial advisor, Survista Financial Advisors AG, focusing on private law issues. She specializes in will execution and succession planning, particularly support for families in the challenges they face regarding inheritance questions.
    One of her goals is to make investment with sustainable and social impact more attractive for clients.

Our Offices

Come and visit us!


Swiss Headquarters

Sennweidstrasse 35
6312 Steinhausen / Zug


French Office

La Grande Arche - Le Swave
1 Parvis de la Défense
92800 Puteaux, France

Our Partners

PassOn is a “Made in Switzerland” company that is located in Zug, the heart of Switzerland’s Crypto Valley. Our location makes it easy for us to partner with blockchain, institutional and regulatory experts throughout the country.





  1. Nov '16

    PassOn currency idea comes to life.

  2. Dec '16

    Team is assembled.

  3. Feb '17

    Functional processes are specified.

  4. May '17

    Preparation of the platform

  5. Aug '17

    PassOn Coin is developed, fully tested, and operational.

  6. Dec '17

    White Paper is ready and goals and processes are designed.

  7. Nov'18

    PassOn token is audited and a bug bounty program is launched.

  8. Q4 '18

    Start of Private sale subject to FINMA regulatory approval (token classification)

  9. Q1 '19

    PassOn is launched! (Pending Regulatory Approval)

  10. Q2 '19

    Proof-of-Concept for the use of the PassOn Smart Contract

  11. Q3 '19

    The PassOn Wallet and Apps created.



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